Most Memorable of 2008

December 18, 2008

Throughout 2008 I’ve attended many conferences, met many people, and become aware of many great start-ups. As the year dies down I’ve been thinking to myself, out of all the impressive companies I’ve become aware of in 2008, which seem headed for further success in 2009? To answer this question I decided to list the 5 most memorable companies from my 2008 experiences: (In no specific order)

Company: Mimobot
Location: Boston, MA
Product: Designer USB Flash Drives
Customers: Hot Topic, Newbury Comics, Urban Outfitters, W Hotels
What I Like About the Company: Mimobot makes creative USB flash drives and has licensing agreements with Star Wars and Halo. I spoke with the founders (they just so happen to be Babson MBAs) who hinted to product expansion in 2009; adding USB cords and other hi-tech designer offerings. Keep an eye on Mimobot as they enter an untapped novelty market.

Company: Boxee
Location: New York, NY
Product: Media Center Software
Partners: Netflix, Hulu, MTV, flickr
What I Like About the Company: The perfect solution to marrying my addictions to Hulu and Apple TV. Boxee is still in alpha testing, but once their internet based streaming HD television catches on, it will be a run-away hit. One rumored feature is the ability to instant message with friends from your TV while watching the same show or movie. I can’t wait for the beta.

Company: HubSpot
Location: Boston, MA
Product: Inbound Marketing System
Customers:, Kadient, Vocio
What I Like About the Company: I’ve blogged about HubSpot before, they still don’t hesitate to impress. With a poor economy and high unemployment, many more will be forced to start their own businesses in 2009. The most efficient way to create sales for new entrepreneurs is to have customers come to them. HubSpot’s inbound marketing system provides start-ups with nice websites, SEO expertise, and guidance to make the most of a start-up’s shoestring marketing budget.

Company: Inigral
Location: San Francisco, CA
Product: Secure Learning Management Facebook Application called “Schools”
Customers: Abilene Christian University
What I Like About the Company: BlackBoard is the 800lb. gorilla of the Learning Management System (LMS) world, but Inigral is leveraging the Facebook platform to put up a fight. Inigral does not have the functionality of BlackBoard, but they do have an audience in Facebook. Inigral’s Schools application organizes individual Facebook accounts by grouping coursemates together, creating a one-stop-community for one’s higher learning needs. Visit their website to watch videos to learn more about Inigral’s impressive functionality.

Company: Igloo Software
Location: Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
Product: Social Networking Enterprise Software
Customers: Motorola, Thomson, Canadian Corporate Council Association (CCCA), McGill University
What I Like About the Company: Major corporations’ needs when moving to online collaborative software differ greatly from the general public; they value security, ease of access, and knowledge management as essential. Igloo Software demonstrates the most functional and sexiest solution for enterprise software and has the clientele to back it up. I blogged about Igloo back in June naming them the Enterprise 2.0 Winner.

Please share the companies you think we should keep an eye out for in 2009.


Enterprise 2.0 Winner

June 16, 2008

Earlier this week I attended the Demo Pavilion at the Enterprise 2.0 conference at the Westin Waterfront in Boston. I find the current social networking in business boom quite trivial. Opportunities in business social networking are apparent, but I believe corporate demand is much less than the supply of start-ups attempting to capture the market. Most companies fighting for the limited demand at the demo lacked completeness, only single pieces to the business social networking puzzle. I question the future of many of the Enterprise 2.0 exhibitors, but one company stood out as the shining star; IGLOO Corporate Social Networking encompasses solutions for internal business needs such as collaboration, knowledge sharing, and content management.

IGLOO Corporate Social Networking was the most promising business social networking software at the demo because it provides organizations with the ability to leverage talent, knowledge and relationships. IGLOO has a laundry list of academic, non-profit and policy making clients including (the Canadian government’s knowledge sharing website), Amnesty International, Harvard University, Hopespring, McGill University, and the University of Toronto. With the ability to create up to ten communities and unlimited number of user groups within each community, unmatched content management features, and secure collaboration IGLOO’s attraction of such high profile customers is not surprising. The management team of the Kitchener, Ontario, Canada based company were on the front lines at the demo instilling their passion for turning the hypothetical People, Process, and Information wheel. CEO Dan Latendre showed the ease of mobile use on his personal cellphone and demonstrated the simple customizable user interface. He also showed the file sharing capabilities, which was simple and easy. I am not going to go any further into the specifics of the product, but please check out their website to learn more about IGLOO (

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