Twitter Use?

June 3, 2009

It’s been a while since I’ve posted.  Since then a lot has changed.  I completed my first full-time year of my MBA, added a puppy to my life and joined Twitter.  The first two changes are profoundly important, but Twitter has changed the way I operate unlike the other two.  I actually joined Twitter about 9 months ago; when I first joined I didn’t understand the craze.  Now I do.  I have three Twitter accounts; one personal (@eshooman), one for the company I work part-time for, and one experimental account (@munchmylunch).  I plan to promote my blog and partake in entrepreneurial chatter with my personal account once I have a better understanding of Twitter’s best uses, I utilize social marketing making announcements of new offerings and promoting other social media such as the company blog for the corporate Twitter account I administrate, and I use my experimental account for exactly that, experimenting.  My experimental account is where I’m really learning about Twitter.  I use best-practices and strategies I’ve learned from other tweeter’s blogs and the book Twitter Power by Joel Comm (@joelcomm).  This account focuses on food, so I follow other foodies, food press, chefs and restaurateurs.  Following others provides me with up-to-the-second information about Boston restaurants’ daily specials, menu additions, openings and closings.  I am currently working on building relationships by participating in conversations and initiating comments to others’ tweets.  My social network is expanding almost exponentially without getting up from my computer… with people I’ve never met before, but have always wanted to meet!!!  I am now holding direct conversations with celebrity chefs and TV personalities; providing helpful input they may never have honored if met randomly on the street.  Twitter is amazing for building relationships.  What else is Twitter useful for?  I like to break the usefulness of Twitter down into the personal, professional, and marketing contexts.  I have my own opinions, but would love feedback to understand how others are using Twitter.


From EmTech08:

September 24, 2008

I’m currently at the Emerging Technologies Conference (EmTech08) put on by the MIT Technology Review.  This morning Gina Bianchini, founder of Ning (a platform for creating online social networks) gave an engaging presentation stressing the importants of consumer usability, simplicity, and web 2.0 revenue generation.  Ning was launched a little over a year ago and already has over 500,000 social networks.  Gina is a serial entrepreneur with a MBA from Stanford.  I highly recommend visiting Ning and playing around.  More to come on her specific usability, simplicity, and revenue generation points…

Expectations for The Boston Entrepreneur

June 2, 2008

The Boston Entrepreneur is a resource for venture profiles, current trends, business strategy and entrepreneurial insight. I am former small business owner and current MBA student at the #1 Graduate Entrepreneurship Program in America with a 4.0 GPA. The reason for my blog is to communicate my acquired knowledge from readings, podcasts, blogs, networking, and course work in a manner that inspires readers to implement strategies, trends and insights into their everyday professional (and personal) lives.

Venture Profiles inspire and teach. All entrepreneurs struggle; if you don’t enjoy a good struggle, then you are probably not an entrepreneur. Sharing our entrepreneurial hardships teaches us to avoid mistakes, and sharing our entrepreneurial successes teaches us best practices keeping us inspired during our struggles. The Boston Entrepreneur provides not only profiles of current entrepreneurial ventures to inspire, but also profiles of defunct ventures to teach. Venture Profiles will profile the venture, its founders, its people, its competition, and its costumers.

Current Trends dictate consumers’ wants and needs. Without customers a great idea is just that… a great idea. The Boston Entrepreneur identifies current and future trends; who are the customers? Where are they headed? And what strategies are being used to reach them?

Business Strategy directs entrepreneurial success. The Boston Entrepreneur will share, analyze and recommend business strategies for starting, running, adapting and directing entrepreneurial ventures in the direction for success.

Entrepreneurial Insights push creativity. Businesses are established to fill voids in the marketplace, as businesses develop and time passes customers’ wants and needs create new voids. The Boston Entrepreneur provides entrepreneurial insights about current trends and businesses strategies to fuel the entrepreneurial creativity of its readers.

At times The Boston Entrepreneur will use venture profiles to demonstrate the dynamic interaction between current trends, business strategy, and entrepreneurial insights. I hope you enjoy reading The Boston Entrepreneur and provide constructive feedback to help adapt the site to the reader’s wants and needs.

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