EmTech08: Sponsor Me

Next month is the MIT Technology Review’s EmTech08 Conference held on the MIT campus (September 23-25). EmTech08 is a conference and workshops to discuss emerging technologies “that are poised to make a dramatic impact on our world.” EmTech also presents the TR35, or the top 35 technology innovators under the age of 35. I am extremely excited about this years EmTech conference and selection of breakout workshops that include: Developing Technical Leadership: Lessons From The Top, Social Entrepreneurship, Intrapreneurship: Fostering Innovation with a Large Organization, Web 2.0/Web 3.0 Mashup, Is There a Clean-Tech Bubble?, Open-Source Hardware, and many more. Some of this year’s featured speakers include Desh Deshpande, Chairman of Sycamore Networks, A123, and Tejas Networks; Parker Harris, EVP of Technology at Salesforce.com; Rich Miner, Group Manager – Mobile Platforms at Google; and keynote speaker Craig Mundie, Chief Research & Strategy Officer at Microsoft.

I am seeking sponsorship to attend the conference so I can share my insights with my readers. As I wrote about the Enterprise 2.0 Winner, I plan on writing much more about the EmTech08 conference. I looked in to getting a Press Pass, but do not qualify. I also contacted the EmTech08 organizers in attempts to get the registration fee waived, but the best they could offer me is the student rate of $395. If you are interested in reading my entrepreneurial insights about the EmTech08 conference then please help me find a sponsor to cover the $395 student registration fee for me to attend the EmTech08 conference. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you and I hope I will be seeing you at EmTech08.

You can contact my school e-mail at eshooman1@babson.edu


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