Competitive Capture Link Building for SEO

I’ve recently been researching Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and come across a great tool called SEOQuake. SEOQuake is available as a plug in for Firefox 3.0 and also for download for other browsers at The tool pulls information from Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and other services. Overall, the SEOQuake tool provides users with valuable “one-stop” SEO information.

SEOQuake provides quick links to the Google Page Rank, number of in-directing links, the url of in-directing links, the number of landing pages to a given website, the number of links to internal pages, the number of external links on a page, and other valuable information optimizing search engine rankings. My favorite SEOQuake link is to Yahoo’s Site Explorer, which provides the location of all in-directing links. I utilize the Yahoo Site Explorer tool by targeting an identified keyword. I Google search the identified keyword, and start by clicking on the highest ranked link; once the highest ranked page loads I click the Yahoo Site Explorer link from the SEOQuake toolbar and a new tab opens with the listing of the pages with in-directing links. I then analyze the websites with the in-directing links and look for opportunities to create in-directing links from these pages to my website. I repeat this process with the second highest website for the target keyword and continue through the top ranked sites. I call this technique “Competitor Capture Link Building.”

Competitor Capture Link Building is one of many uses for the SEOQuake tool. Please share your thoughts on Competitive Capture Link Building, other link building techniques and ways you use SEOQuake to optimize your search engine rankings.


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