Expectations for The Boston Entrepreneur

The Boston Entrepreneur is a resource for venture profiles, current trends, business strategy and entrepreneurial insight. I am former small business owner and current MBA student at the #1 Graduate Entrepreneurship Program in America with a 4.0 GPA. The reason for my blog is to communicate my acquired knowledge from readings, podcasts, blogs, networking, and course work in a manner that inspires readers to implement strategies, trends and insights into their everyday professional (and personal) lives.

Venture Profiles inspire and teach. All entrepreneurs struggle; if you don’t enjoy a good struggle, then you are probably not an entrepreneur. Sharing our entrepreneurial hardships teaches us to avoid mistakes, and sharing our entrepreneurial successes teaches us best practices keeping us inspired during our struggles. The Boston Entrepreneur provides not only profiles of current entrepreneurial ventures to inspire, but also profiles of defunct ventures to teach. Venture Profiles will profile the venture, its founders, its people, its competition, and its costumers.

Current Trends dictate consumers’ wants and needs. Without customers a great idea is just that… a great idea. The Boston Entrepreneur identifies current and future trends; who are the customers? Where are they headed? And what strategies are being used to reach them?

Business Strategy directs entrepreneurial success. The Boston Entrepreneur will share, analyze and recommend business strategies for starting, running, adapting and directing entrepreneurial ventures in the direction for success.

Entrepreneurial Insights push creativity. Businesses are established to fill voids in the marketplace, as businesses develop and time passes customers’ wants and needs create new voids. The Boston Entrepreneur provides entrepreneurial insights about current trends and businesses strategies to fuel the entrepreneurial creativity of its readers.

At times The Boston Entrepreneur will use venture profiles to demonstrate the dynamic interaction between current trends, business strategy, and entrepreneurial insights. I hope you enjoy reading The Boston Entrepreneur and provide constructive feedback to help adapt the site to the reader’s wants and needs.

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